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Hand using Bondloc adhesive

Distributors of
Bondloc adhesives

High quality and performance
adhesives and sealants.

Anaerobic Adhesives

This kind of adhesive cures only in the absence of air and in the presence of metal. They cure to form a tough, durable polymer which exhibits excellent chemical and environmental resistances.

Cyanoacylate Adhesives

Cyanoacylate adhesives cure through reaction with moisture held on the surface to be bonded. They need close fitting joints and usually solidify within seconds. Newer developments of gelled variants allow cure in wider gaps and application to vertical surfaces.

Structural Adhesives

Bondloc’s Structural Adhesives use a range of resin bases in order to provide end users with the best possible product. These high strength adhesives are fully compatible with modern manufacturing processes and are capable of providing even greater flexibility in component design.


The range of Bondloc’s adhesive sealants is versatile and durable, offering exceptional performance in all kinds of demanding sealing and bonding applications. Available are high performance RTV silicones, polyurethanes and MS polymers in various colours and pack sizes.

MRO Aerosols

We stock a range of lubricants and cleaners designed for all maintenance needs. Available are anti-seize and assembly, chains and bearings, and open gear and wire rope lubricants. We also have pre-treatment cleaners and adhesive activators available.

We’ll advise on the best adhesive for your requirements.

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