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Selection of sprockets and belts

Belts, pulleys,
chains and sprockets

Helping your project to run smoothly.

V Belts

We carry a comprehensive range of V belts including wrapped V belts, cut edge cogged belts, banded V belts, kevlar V belts, and lawn and garden V belts.

PIX V belt

Download Our PDF on V Belts

PIX Muscle Belt

The PIX Muscle Belt has an extremely high power rating, up to 35% more than a regular belt, and a high tensile strength making it more resistant to elongation and breakage. It is maintenance free and highly efficient.

This belt is also highly flexible and still performs to a high performance within an extended temperature range, from as low as -25 degrees to 120 degrees Celsius.

PIX muscle belt

Download Our PDF on PIX Muscle Belt

V Belt Pulleys/Taper Bush Type/Pilot Bore Type

We carry a full range of cast iron taper bush type V/Vee belt pulleys, in SPZ, SPA and SPB sections. Larger sections are also available.

Pilot bore/blank pulleys are also available in aluminium and cast iron.

PIX V belt pulley

Download Our PDF on V Belt Pulleys

Taper Bushes & Hubs

We stock a comprehensive range of taper bushes to suit all standard taper lock pulleys, sprockets, couplings, etc.

We also have a range of weld on taper lock hubs available.

Silver taper bush

Download Our PDF on Taper Bushed and Taper Hubs


We stock the full range of British and American standard chains up to 1-1/4" pitch and larger sizes are readily available.

Chains come in a range of types including the single, double, and triple strand, in steel, stainless steel, plastics, and other materials to your specification. We also stock a selection of roller chain attachments.

To help us identify the chain you need, please supply the pitch, roller diameter, distance between inner plates, and the width over pins.

Different types of chain

Download Our PDF on Chain


We stock taper bore and pilot bore sprockets to suit all standard chains. Specials can be made to order from drawings or patterns.

The material used for sprockets is either C45 steel which can be welded and hardened, or GG22 close grain cast iron.

Selection of silver sprockets

Download Our PDF on Sprockets

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