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Silver bushes

Glacier Style & Oilite Bushes

DU Type (TFP Type)

The DU (TFP) type bearing material a PTFE and lead lining and is designed to operate without lubrication at temperatures between -200c and +280c. It can withstand specific loads up to 250/Nmm, dependent on conditions.

DU (TFP) type material is resistant to most solvents and many industrial liquids and gases, including water and oil, most of which improve its performance. It has negligible “stick slip”, is tolerant of dusty environments and does not accumulate static electricity. It is a conductor of electricity and can resist moderate levels of nuclear radiation.

During normal operation, a thin film from the PTFE lining is transferred to the mating surface and maintained there through the working life of the bearing. The back material of DU (TFP) type is normally mild steel.

Single silver glacier style bushes

Download Our PDF on Glacier Style Bushes

Ranges of Oilite Bearings

AR Bearings can offer a specialised machining service for Oilite bearing and plates to meet individual specifications and tolerances. Our range of Oilite bearings include:

  • Metric Plain Bearings
  • Metric Flanged Bearings
  • Imperial Plain Bearings
  • Imperial Flanged Bearings
  • Imperial Thrust Washers
  • Cored Bars
  • Solid Bars
  • Plates
  • Circular Bearing Plates

Selection of different sized oilite bearings

Download Our PDF on Oilite Bushes

DX Type (TPX Type)

The DX (TPX) type bearing material incorporates an acetal co-polymer bearing lining, designed for lightly lubricated operation and is particularly suitable when continuous lubrication is un-economical or impractical.

The bearing surface is usually supplied indented for the retention of grease. Dependant on conditions, DX (TPX) type material can withstand temperatures from -40C to 130C and specific loads up to 140M/mm.

Bronze bush

Standard Wrapped Bearings (SWB or TFPSWB Type)

Standard Wrapped Bushes are steel backed, lined with lead bronze to give strength and high performance. They are available in a wide range of metric and imperial sizes of general purpose and heavy duty applications requiring either oil or grease lubrication. They are precision-manufactured, and can be bored, reamed, broached or ball burnished in situ.


  • Plain Metric Bushes - DU (TFP), DX (TPX), SWB Types
  • Plain Imperial Bushes - DU (TFP), DX (TPX), SWB Types
  • Flanged Metric Bushes - DU (TFP), DX (TPX) Types
  • Metric Thrust Washers - DU (TFP), DX (TPX) Types
  • Imperial Thrust Washers - DU (TFP), DX (TPX) Types
  • Strip Material - DU (TFP), DX (TPX) Types

Oilite Bushes

Oilite is a self-lubricating bearing material.

Standard Oilite is an oil retaining tin bronze, impregnated with a mineral oil SAE30 viscosity. It gives a good balance between strength, wear resistance, conformability and durability. It is ideal for use in a wide variety of applications where “self-lubricating” properties are required over a long period of time.

Do you have any questions about our Glacier style or Oilite bushes?

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